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What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

At Covenant Grace we organize our worship around a set of convictions:

We believe that the Word of God and the gospel are the center of the Christian’s worship and our gatherings.

We believe that God has set aside one day a week for worship as his gathered church and the resurrection of our Lord sets this day as the first day of the week.

We believe that this meeting of the church is God’s primary means of discipleship and grace for his church.

God prescribes the way he is to be worshipped in his Word and no other elements are to be added lest we go beyond God’s word and bind the consciences of his worshippers. This is known as the Regulative Principle.

The means of grace for God’s worship given in his word are: preaching, the public reading of the Word, prayer, the ordinances (baptism and communion), fellowship, and singing.

The worship of God is Trinitarian in the revelation of God in Christ through the Spirit by means of his Word and is thus for the believer primarily and the unbeliever secondarily as the gospel is preached.

We thus seek to arrange our worship so that God is seen for who he is, the work of Christ is magnified, and the help of the Spirit is sought. We also stand united with the historic, universal church and remind ourselves of this through the creeds and confessions.

So what can you expect on a Sunday morning at Covenant Grace Church?

We will read the Word, hear the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, and preach the Word. We want to hear from God so we will read his Word often. We seek God by the power of the Spirit through prayer by the grace we find in Jesus. We respond to the revelation of God by singing joyfully. And we submit to God by sitting under the proclamation of the Word and taking communion. And then we leave in the power of the Spirit to share the grace of God with the world around us.

Practically, we aim to provide childcare during the service for our littler ones where they will be cared for by trained and caring workers. We also encourage families to worship together and we enjoy the sound of children in the service. We also value knowing one another so while our service starts at 10:30, the doors will be open at 10 for a time of fellowship and coffee (if we can get the logistics figured out 😀). Money is always a touchy subject but one we have to talk about. We aren’t in this for the money and if you’re visiting with us we don’t want anything from you other than to know you, serve you, and worship with you. But churches also need money to pay rent and bills and so we provide options for our members to cover those needs and support the work of the ministry. We have online options to give as well as a locked box at the hospitality table.

Most importantly, what you will get on Sunday mornings is the gospel. We believe that the Bible isn’t merely a religious document with lots of history and laws. No. It’s the revelation of God in Jesus and his work in this world to save sinners. So you will hear Jesus magnified and the good news of his obedient life and substitutionary death for sinners sung, prayed, and preached. We look forward to seeing you!

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